João Vitor Menin, CEO, Inter.

This is not a typical start-up story, and more of a case study on how a traditional bank leveraged emerging technology and changing consumer trends to become a hot Fintech company offering innovative products that led Softbank to invest in company in 2019.

Banco Inter (Not be confused with Bankinter, a Spanish Bank) pioneered in offering digital accounts to individuals in Brazil. Allow it to grow from a small traditional financial firm to a top Brazilian Fintech with a global expansion plan.

David Robertson, Senior Lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management.

On August 19, 2021, MIT hosted a Webinar, called; “What If a Great Product Isn’t Enough?” that I was fortunate enough to have been invited and that I made the time to invest one hour to listen to David Robertson’s strategic framework on how LEGO’s innovation efforts can be applied in the technology world.

In 2014, David Robertson, a Senior Lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management, penned a book titled Brick By Brick, in which he outlined how…

Karam Filfilan, Ex @FutureTalentGrp deputy editor. Words @TheTimes + @Raconteur + @siftedeu + @ICASAccounting . HR, future of work and start-up culture.

Start-up Software as a Service (SaaS) companies have for a while been the most attractive investment opportunities to Venture Capitalists. The main reason behind this popularity can be summed up in three simple words — Subscription Business Models.

The appeal of these subscription models to investors is simple, and as Karam Filfilan highlights, can be broken down into two parts — their ability to provide predictable, recurring revenue and their accessibility and flexibility for modern…

Tim Stokely, founder & CEO,

In the past, aspiring entertainers needed media companies, such as newspapers, magazines and TV backing to get discovered in the hope of becoming a sensation and possibly star. However only the top 10% in their field could sustain a living. In today’s digitalized world, consumers are becoming stars with direct connections to an audience that is willing to pay for accessing such content via a subscription model.

The new creator platforms benefit from being the marketplace…

Barry Libert, CEO, AIMatters.

Customer Journey Mapping (visually tracking customer interactions) is nothing new, and as Lisa Ross from highlights, can deliver a number of key benefits for creating a better CX. However, the rise of communication channels have turned linear journeys into, as Contributor and Digital Transformation Consultant, Daniel Newman describes them, elaborate pinball games. Indeed, this new found complexity may seem perplexing, but thanks to the rise of AI, creating effective Customer Journey Maps is about to get easier.

One way that…

Ali Ghodsi, Co-Founder & CEO, Databricks (Source: Todd Johnson, San Francisco Business Times)

How Databricks will become a platform for data hungry AI companies.

A San Francisco headquartered Tech company, Databricks is increasingly attracting the attention of investors. With a US$1 billion Series G raised last February, led by Franklin Templeton, it reached an impressive US$28 billion post-money valuation. It is the most highly valued pre-IPO technology company in the world. Analysis are calling it the next Snowflake, a company that share where listed at US$120 on September 16 2020, and increased to US$245, a 104% jump in the first day of trading — it’s now sitting at US$237.

Sam Altman, CEO, OpenAI (Getty Images)

A new wave of innovation is about to create new market opportunities across all fields and industries and create Trillionaires.

Back in August 2011, Marc Andreessen penned a piece in the Wall Street Journal about how we were in the midst of a Software revolution built on the hardware and internet infrastructure that we build and continue to develop. The main argument is that new Software firms were going to disrupt the existing players such as Oracle and Microsoft.

This has proven to be the case, although the legacy Software companies still have a captive and essential layer in the tech ecosystem.

With all the data that we have been collecting, a new wave of innovation is starting to emerge…

Marketers are reaching the wrong customers segments and also marketing to bots that crawl the web fraudulently to help you reach your campaign metrics.

We live in an age where data is the new deity, we build business models using data as our foundation.

Data today is impacting all areas of the economy, giving marketers the ability to build media plans and buy ad inventory at scale. More specifically, it aims to deliver value to their customers by meeting their needs and wants, whilst delivering value to their organizations and shareholders.

The main issue is that brands investing in ad buys want to track and validate the investment on the campaigns and media buys. As Harikesh Nair, Marketing Professor of Stanford Graduate School of…

(RPA) Robotic Process Automation leader UiPath, can only increase market share, therefore economic value to customers and shareholders.

Although UiPath’s shares are back to their IPO’s listing pricing of US$69, it will more than likely increase in the coming quarters.

Down from a peak of US$85.12 on May 24th 2021, the drop was due to concerns of existing stock holders concerned of additional shares from the executive team offloading their earned holdings.

For people not familiar with Lock up’s, it means that after an IPO it prevents major shareholders (early stage investors) and company insiders (executives and staff executing their stock options) from selling shares in the company for a specified number of days following an IPO.


Releasing full economic value through professional services.

How professional services are an integral part of an offering to release full value.

An Enterprise SaaS offering has one element that separates the most successful SaaS companies from the rest of the pack.

The not-so-secret sauce of the very best SaaS is leveraging your company’s industry expertise by including high-quality professional services as part of the offering — call it a Product and Services Bundle.

Clients select one vendor over the other to either generate new revenue or reduce cost, yet other factors in support of revenue and costs are speed-to-market and risk reduction.

However, many customers and vendors end up getting caught up in other factors. So your go-to market messaging has to be clear on how you drive ROI with your SaaS platform.

The only way to achieve long term value…

Billy D. Aldea-Martinez

Regional Director, @piano_io, Enterprise AI SaaS | Start-up Board Director | DJ & Record Label Producer.

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