The top 10 ‘The Force Awakens’ commercial-tie-in videos.

Star War’s Force Awakens has been this years most anticipate film, opening to a record of $238 million in ticket sales, and with a global total of $517 million, becoming the second biggest worldwide opening ever after Jurassic worlds of $524,418,134.

Correction, as of Monday, 21st of December, the film’s opening weekend broke several box office records in North America, making $247 million with a global total of $529 million, becoming the biggest worldwide opening in theaters.

Disney, who bought George Lucas’ Lucasfilms in 2012 at a valuation of US$4.06 Billion, has partnered with a number of brands that are inundating consumers with ads and products that capitalize on the movie’s fanbase, having sold over US$4,349 Billion in ticket sales alone, since the launch of a New Hope in 1975.

As part of Disney’s launch, it has worked exclusively with major brands to launch tie products and commercials, generating an extra $63.8 million in television ad revenue for the film, according to, Real-Time TV Advertising Metrics company, data in the US.

Here we list the top 10 commercials measured by Ace Metrix, which measures the impact of video advertising, dug into the co-branded spots to find which ones cut through the clutter of advertising.

  1. HP: Reinventing Romance with R2-D2
    A young teen gets help from R2-D2 to invite a pretty girl to a date.

2. Duracell: “Battle for Christmas Morning”
A teen using the new battery uses his imagination to salvation

3. Kraft Macaroni & Cheese: “You can not play”
A father shows his Star Wars collection to his son.

4. Subway: “The Subway Cantina”
A couple enters a Subway store, and notice that everybody is disguised as Star Wars characters.

5. Toys ‘R’ Us, “Like Father, Like Daughter”
A Father try’s to have his daughter become a Star Wars fan like him.

6. EA: “The Fight”
Teens get excited at playing the new EA game.

7. Dodge: “The Force Gathers”
A group Dodge cars gather in Star Wars style.

8. Verizon: “A better network”
Star Wars “Chewbacca and BB-8 are in a tight spot.

9. Jeep: “Shooting Star”
A couple on a night enjoy peace and watching a shooting star, not realizing that battle is being waged.

10. Subway: “Children”
A Father and Son at Subway order 2 Star Wars Kid combos so they can play together.




Regional Director, @piano_io, Enterprise AI SaaS | Start-up Board Director | DJ & Record Label Producer.

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Billy D. Aldea-Martinez

Billy D. Aldea-Martinez

Regional Director, @piano_io, Enterprise AI SaaS | Start-up Board Director | DJ & Record Label Producer.

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